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About Rialto

A leading contract manufacturer of manual toothbrushes for the multinational consumer goods giant, The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G). Rialto meets a large part of P&G’s global manual oral care volume. It ships to more than 140 countries across the globe.

This customer is at the very centre of its business model.

This is Rialto’s story.






million manual toothbrushes
produced annually


countries shipped

11 June, 2024

Rialto Gets National Recognition for ZWL initiatives.

Rialto’s ZWL initiatives was adjudged as a “Most Innovative Project” by the juries.

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16 February, 2024

Rialto Enterprises achieves a “Silver” rating from EcoVadis

Rialto Enterprises Private Limited received the prestigious “Silver” rating from EcoVadis, the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, intelligence, and collaborative performance improvement tools for global supply chains.

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Rialto’s focused vision is to be ‘Better than ever’ year on year, through quality, innovation, speed to market and cost controls.


Rialto has an exclusive Department for Innovation headed by a member of the management team. The company has made relevance and modernization such a powerful part of its character that over and above its role as contract manufacturer P&G sees it as a Strategic Business Partner.

Awards and Recognition

P&G has a system of rewarding its best Business Partners, chosen annually from its ranks of 50,000 such associates, for their overall performance and contributions to P&G’s global business. Rialto has won the External Business Partner of the Year Award (an Oscar in the P&G universe) twice in a row and the External Business Partner Excellence Award for a stunning 7th consecutive time, in 2020.

Customer Delight

Rialto consistently performs as a wing of the principal, a practice which has fostered a sense of goodwill among the various stakeholders at P&G. The faith and confidence of the delighted client-customers is evident in their relationships with several managers of the Rialto team.


Sustainability is intrinsic to the Rialto code. The company has introduced many initiatives to reduce, recycle and reuse materials wherever possible. It strives to manage its environmental footprint through thoughtful procurement of supplies, innovative packaging and multiple energy-efficient and clean energy projects. The Green Company rating awarded by the Confederation of Indian Industry is a clear recognition of these endeavours.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Having prioritised sustainability within its business, eco-responsibility for neighbouring communities is just a step away for Rialto; inculcating and spreading environment consciousness among disadvantaged children, even while improving facilities for their education; cleaning and greening a beachfront precinct through the Swachh Beach (‘Clean Beach’) programme; and more recently, spreading awareness of the Covid 19 threat and taking rigorous preventive measures. Rialto’s CSR initiatives are directed to make the world outside of work a better place.


Rialto takes all measures – and more – to ensure that the company is an enjoyable and encouraging workplace. It encourages employees not just to work at a good job, but to build a better career. Needless to say, employee morale is high. Nobody is known to have left the company for professional reasons. The company has a near-zero attrition rate.